2nd APPSEM II Workshop, APPSEM'04

Tallinn, Estonia, 14-16 April 2004

Contributed talks

Regular-length talks

Authors / Title
Michael Abbott, Thorsten Altenkirch, Neil Ghani
Representing nested inductive types using W-types (extabstr.pdf)
Mads Sig Ager, Olivier Danvy, Jan Midtgaard
A functional correspondence between monadic evaluators and abstract machines for languages with computational effects (extabstr.pdf, slides.pdf)
Sandra Alves, Mário Florido
Linearization by program transformation (extabstr.pdf, slides.pdf)
Guillaume Bonfante, Jean-Yves Marion, Jean-Yves Moyen
On complexity analysis by quasi-interpretation (extabstr.pdf, slides.pdf)
Olivier Bournez, Emmanuel Hainry
An analog characterization of computable functions over the real numbers (extabstr.ps.gz, slides.pdf)
David Cachera, Thomas Jensen, David Pichardie, Vlad Rusu
Extracting a data flow analyser in constructive logic (extabstr.ps.gz, slides.pdf)
Philippa Gardner, Sergio Maffeis
Modelling dynamic web data (extabstr.pdf, slides.ppt)
Mark R. Shinwell, Andrew M. Pitts
On a monadic semantics for freshness (extabstr.ps.gz, slides.ps.gz)
Songtao Xia, James Hook
Abstraction-carrying code (extabstr.ps.gz)

Short talks

Authors / Title
Michael Abbott, Thorsten Altenkirch, Neil Ghani, Conor McBride
Constructing polymorphic programs with quotient types (paper.ps.gz)
Andreas Abel
Sized higher-order datatypes (abstract.ps.gz, slides.html)
Davide Ancona, Eugenio Moggi
A calculus for symbolic names management (abstract.pdf, slides.pdf)
Robert Atkey
A categorical semantics for resource separation (abstract.ps.gz, slides.pdf)
Marcin Benke, Makoto Takeyama
Generic proofs and programs for coinductive types in Martin-Löf's type theory (abstract.ps.gz, slides.pdf)
Nicolas Biri, Didier Galmiche
Resource tree and logics for distribution (abstract.ps.gz)
Olivier Bournez, Felipe Cucker, Paulin Jacobe de Naurois, Jean-Yves Marion
Tayloring recursion to characterize non-deterministic complexity classes over arbitrary structures (abstract.ps.gz, slides.pdf)
Luís Caires, Antonio Ravara
Spatial types for processes (abstract.ps.gz)
Alcino Cunha, Jorge Sousa Pinto
Making the point-free calculus less point-less (abstract.pdf, slides.pdf)
Nils Anders Danielsson, Patrik Jansson
Chasing bottoms - a case study in program verification in the presence of partial and infinite values (abstract.ps.gz, slides.pdf)
Anuj Dawar, Philippa Gardner, Giorgio Ghelli
Games for ambient logic (abstract.ps.gz, slides.ppt)
Johan Erikson, Björn Lisper
A formal semantics for PLEX (abstract.pdf, slides.pdf)
José Espírito Santo, Luís Pinto
The multiary version of the lambda-calculus with generalized application (abstract.ps.gz, slides.pdf))
Didier Galmiche, J. Gobillot, Daniel Méry
Proofs and countermodels in BI's pointer logic (abstract.ps.gz)
Nadji Gauthier, Francois Pottier
Efficient unification of recursive second-order types (abstract.ps.gz, paper.ps.gz, slides.ps.gz)
Jeremy Gibbons
Patterns in datatype-generic programming (abstract.pdf, slides.pdf)
Jeremy Gibbons
Streaming algorithms (abstract.pdf, slides.pdf)
Tom Hirschowitz, Xavier Leroy, Joe Wells
Extended recursive definitions in call-by-value languages, with applications to mixin modules and recursive modules (abstract.pdf, slides.pdf)
Martin Hofmann
Certification of parameter size with dependent ML (abstract.pdf, slides.pdf)
Graham Hutton, Joel Wright
Compiling exceptions correctly (abstract.pdf, paper.pdf, slides.ppt)
James Leifer, Michael Norrish, Peter Sewell, Keith Wansbrough
Acute and TCP: specifying and developing abstractions for global computation (abstract.pdf)
Paul Levy
Infinite trace semantics (abstract.ps.gz, slides.html)
Fredrik Lindblad, Marcin Benke
An experiment in automated theorem proving in type theory (abstract.ps.gz, report.ps.gz, slides.ps.gz)
Kamal Lodaya, Uday S. Reddy
Grainless concurrency semantics for monitors (abstract.ps.gz)
John Longley, Randy Pollack
Reasoning about CBV functional programs in Isabelle/HOL (abstract.ps.gz, slides.ps.gz)
Tobias Lw
A universal model for an infinitary version of sequential PCF (abstract.pdf)
Matthew Parkinson
When separation logic meets Java (abstract.pdf, slides.pdf)
Jaan Penjam, Varmo Vene
Wreath products of generalized automata (abstract.pdf, slides.pdf)
Helmut Schwichtenberg
Computational content of the intermediate value theorem (abstract.ps.gz, slides.ps.gz)
Andrei Serjantov
On the anonymity of message-based anonymity systems (abstract.ps.gz)
Jeremy Singer
Sparse bidirectional data flow analysis as a basis for type inference (abstract.pdf, paper.pdf, slides.pdf)
Paul Taylor
Review of abstract Stone duality (abstract.pdf, webpage)
David Wahlstedt
Type theory with first-order data types and size-change termination (abstract.ps.gz, slides.html)

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