Please arrange your accommodation directly with a hotel. We will be happy to assist you: should any question arise, do not hesitate to contact us by an email to appsem04(at)

Keep in mind that, on 14 April, the workshop programme will begin at 09.00. The participants are expected to arrive the day before. On 16 April, the workshop will end at 18.00. On 17 April, there is the small workshop on Normalization by Evalution.

Here is a small selection of the numerous hotels and guesthouses in Tallinn located in or close to the Old Town that offer a good price/standard ratio. For the complete list (should you want to see it), dive into the accommodation database of the Estonian Tourist Board,, that of the Tallinn Tourist Board,, or that of InYourPocket.Com,

The prices were checked by us 15 Jan. 2004. 1 EUR = 15.64664 EEK. Breakfast is included, major credit cards are accepted everywhere, if not indicated otherwise.

Upmarket places

Budget places

We are happy to assist you in arranging a booking in case you want to save on the cost by sharing a room with a fellow participant, send an email to appsem04(at) The earlier, the better.

Last update 19 March 2004