Call for Papers and Participation

2nd APPSEM II Workshop

Tallinn, Estonia, 14-16 April 2004

Background and objectives

APPSEM II (Applied Semantics II) is a 36-month FP5 IST thematic network project that started in January 2003. The network consists of 20 sites (with a number of subsites) and is coordinated by Martin Hofmann (LMU München).

APPSEM'04 in Tallinn is the 2nd general annual meeting of the network following APPSEM'03 which took place in Nottingham. All members of the network are invited to attend, but participation of non-members from both academia and industry with interests in application-oriented programming language semantics is actively encouraged too. The purpose of the workshop is to present new results and plan future work in each of the following nine themes of the network:

  1. Program structuring: object-oriented programming, modules,
  2. Proof assistants, functional programming, and dependent types,
  3. Program analysis, generation, and configuration,
  4. Specification and verification methods,
  5. Types and type inference in programming,
  6. Games, sequentiality, and abstract machines,
  7. Semantic methods for distributed computing,
  8. Resource models and web data,
  9. Continuous phenomena in Computer Science.

For each theme there will be a session of contributed talks. In addition, there will be 2-3 invited talks, an industrial panel session, a brainstorming session and a business meeting.


Two kinds of contributions are solicited:

Submission for short presentations By 13 February 2004 authors should submit a short abstract (max 2 pp). Short presentations offer the opportunity to advertise any work relevant for APPSEM II, either completed or in progress. These submissions will be judged by the programme committee according to interest and relevance to APPSEM II; the PC will try to accommodate in the workshop programme all short presentations that meet these criteria.(Links to submission and registration forms.)

Submission for the special issue Publication of the special issue has been approved by the editor-in-chief of TCS track B, Don Sannella. It is expected that no more than 10-12 papers will be published in the special issue. Contributions to the special issue have to pass a two-phase review process.

Phase 1 By 13 February 2004 authors should submit an extended abstract (max 10 pp, excl. appendices). The PC encourages high quality extended abstracts that can be made into journal quality submissions within few months. In particular, the PC welcomes extended abstracts of papers that have been presented at (or accepted for) some other refereed workshop / conference. (Links to submission and registration forms.)

The submissions will be ranked by the PC according to quality and relevance to APPSEM II themes. Successful submissions will get a 30 min slot for presentation at the workshop, and will be considered for phase 2. Other submissions will be automatically considered for 15 min presentation slots. Authors of submissions to phase 1 automatically express a commitment to submit to the special issue phase 2 if accepted.

Phase 2 By 31 May 2004 authors should submit a journal quality paper (max 20 pp, excl. appendices, in elsart format). The submissions will be refereed according to TCS standards. Successful submissions (i.e. accepted or accepted conditional to minor revisions), will be included in the special issue. Unsuccessful submissions (that require a major revision) might be considered for publication in a normal TCS issue.

Important dates

Submission for short presentations (max 2 pp): 13 February 2004
Submission of extended abstracts (max 10 pp): 13 February 2004
Notification of acceptance (phase 1): 19 March 2004
Workshop: 14-16 April 2004

Journal submission (max 20 pp, excl. appendices, in elsart format): 31 May 2004 (indicative)
Feedback from referees: 31 July 2004 (indicative)
Final version (max 20 pp in elsart format): 15 September 2004 (indicative)
Publication of the special issue: April 2005 (indicative)

Programme committee

The programme committee consists of one or two scientists per theme and a chairman.

Didier Remy (A)
Gavin Bierman (A)
Thierry Coquand (B)
Neil Jones (C)
Uday Reddy (D)
Fritz Henglein (E)
Pierre-Louis Curien (F)
Glynn Winskel (G)
Peter O'Hearn (H)
Philippa Gardner (H)
Achim Jung (I)
Eugenio Moggi (chair)


Tallinn, Estonia's capital, is famous for its picturesque medieval Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The workshop will be held in the premises of the historic House of the Brotherhood of Blackheads, right in the heart of the Old Town.

Registration and cost, accommodation

The deadline for registration is 13 February 2004. The deadline for payment is 26 March 2004.

Details on registration and payment, information on accommodation options as well as travel information are available from the workshop web page,


The workshop is organized by Tarmo Uustalu, Juhan Ernits, Ando Saabas, Varmo Vene (Institute of Cybernetics, Tallinn).

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