ITT9131 "Concrete Mathematics"

Fall semester 2016

The study course ITT9131 "Concrete Mathematics" (konkreetne matemaatika) will take place in TUT in the fall semester of year 2016.
The course is primarily intended for IT doctoral students, but the students concerned in from other departments are also encouraged to participate.
Formally, it is expected that the students have passed a prerequisite course in discrete math during their prior studies at undergraduate or graduate level, but they can succeed also on the basis of contemporary TUT courses in mathematical analysis and linear algebra.

The purpose of this course is to provide students with the fundamental concepts and methods of concrete mathematics relevant to computing and information technology.
The main objective is to see how problems of standard discrete mathematics can often be solved by methods based on continuous mathematics together with a controlled manipulation of mathematical formulas. The title of the discipline refers to the content, and in fact, it is the acronym of “CONtinuous and disCRETE mathematics”.
Our plan is to go through some chapters of the popular textbook that is widely used in many computer science departments all around the world:

Actual selection of chapters to be passed during the course will depend on the participants' previous knowledge and expectations and will be discussed just at the beginning of the course. Going through all topics of the text-book within one semester would be far too ambitious endeavour.

The course is conducted by faculty members, who will provide an overview of the selected chapters in lectures and seminars. Problem solving is an important ingredient of any mathematical course: so it is here, and students are asked to solve problems as both classroom exercises and homework.
Additionally, during the semester every student will be given 1-2 harder problems ("research problems") to be solved individually as homework and discussed in front of other participants in the format of seminar talks.
To get a grade from the course, the students need to pass the examination test. The final ranking for the course will be a weighted average of the student's individual results of the test, problem solving and seminar talks 

The course will be in English. The teachers are Silvio Capobianco (Institute of Cybernetics) and Jaan Penjam (Department of Computer Science / Institute of Cybernetics).

Classroom Instruction will take place from September 13 on Tuesdays at 14:00 to 17:30 in room B-126 of the Küberneetika Maja (Akadeemia tee 21).

Students have to declare for the course in ÕIS as usual.

Questions and clarifications are welcome at


Silvio Capobianco and Jaan Penjam

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