23rd Estonian Winter School in Computer Science (EWSCS)
XXIII Eesti Arvutiteaduse Talvekool

Palmse, Estonia, March 4 - 9, 2018

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7..11   Night: Clear or slightly cloudy,  dry. Variable wind 1-6 m/s. Air temperature is 7..11°C. Day: Clear or a few clouds and dry.  Variable wind 1-6 m/s. Air temperature 20..26, on windward coast 16°C.
  Tuesday, 22.05
8..13   Night: Bright or slightly cloudy. Dry. Mainly around east wind 1-7 m/s. Air temperature is 8..13°C. Day: Cloudiness is thickening, in the afternoon rain showers in many places, thunder possible. Mainly around east wind 1-7 m/s. Air temperature is 18..24°C.
  Wednesday, 23.05
9..14   Night: Cloudy with clear spells. Rain showers in many places, possible thunder. Mainly around west wind 2-7 m/s. Air temperature 9..14°C. Day: Clearing up. In southern part locally rain showers. West, northwest wind 5-10 m/s. Air temperature 16..21°C.
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Palmse - How to get there?

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Here follow instructions for those who arrive on their own. From Tallinn you will have to take the St. Petersburg Road and drive about 71 km till you reach Viitna (see map on the right). At Viitna (between the shop and the road inn on the left) turn away from this main road to the left (a sharp turn of 130 or so degrees) by the appropriate signpost mentioning Palmse and the visitor center of Lahemaa National Park. Palmse is about 10 kms further.

When the Palmse Manor house shows up on your right, drive past the manor and some auxiliary buildings (on the map below follow the white line pointing to the parking area), then turn off to the right to reach the building with a high chimney, this is the hotel Park Hotel Palmse (former distillery of the Palmse Manor), where EWSCS participants will stay in. Next to the hotel the white letter P indicates the area, where you can park your car.

On the map below you can see all the buildings on the Palmse Manor territory.

White arrows mark the entrances to the hotel and the Visitors Centre of the Lahemaa National Park (former stable-coach-house) where EWSCS lectures will be held.

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