From 1 Jan. 2017, the Institute of Cybernetics will cease to exist in its current form; it will be dissolved. The future of the logic and semantics group is unclear.

Logic and Semantics at IoC

Who We Are

We are a research group of the Laboratory of Software Science of the Institute of Cybernetics (IoC), a leading computer science research institution in Estonia. We pursue "Theory B": logic, semantics and theory of programming.

In the national evaluation exercise of ICT R&D 2009-2014, we were rated "excellent".

The current members of the group are:

Also connected to the group is Hellis Tamm.

We collaborate with Varmo Vene of the University of Tartu and Peeter Laud of Cybernetica.

Keiko Nakata left to FireEye in Dresden, which was shut down and then further to SAP in Potsdam, and James Chapman to Strathclyde. Andri Saar moved on to Google in London, Boriss Šelajev to VMWare in Sofia.

Danel Ahman, who was an intern with us in 2011, did then a MSc at Cambridge and is now a PhD student at Edinburgh. Sandra Schumann from Harvard was an intern with us this year 2015.

Further former members of the group include Mohamed El-Zawawy (back in Cairo), Adam Eppendahl (in Malaysia), Ando Saabas (at Skype) and Olha Shkaravska (in Nijmegen).

What We Do

We have been and are pursuing research in a number of directions. Here are some:

Check our list of publications.

We run a regular research seminar, the Theory Seminar (TSEM), and weekly Theory Lunches (the blog).

Our collaboration partners include Nottingham, Minho, Chalmers.

We participated in the European FP6 IST project MOBIUS, the major proof-carrying code project of the Old World, and the FP7 ICT project HATS on trustworthy highly adaptive software. We were part of the COST actions FoVeOOS on verification of object-oriented software, Rich Model Toolkit and BETTY on behavioral type systems. Currently we are contributing to ARVI on runtime verification and EUTYPES on type theory and its applications.

At home, we were part of the Centre of Excellence in Computer Science (EXCS), one of the seven Estonian CoEs 2008-2015. Starting 2016, we are part of Excellence in IT in Estonia (EXCITE), one of the nine new Estonian CoEs 2016-2023. During 2013-2015 we ran the Coinduction project together with U. of Tartu.

We were the organizing team behind these international events: APPSEM 2004, AFP 2004, TFP/ICFP/GPCE 2005, IFIP WG 2.8 Meeting #22, MPC/AMAST 2006, EffTT 2007, NWPT 2008, COST FoVeOOS 2009 Winter School, ETAPS 2012 (the 15th edition of Europe's premier forum for software science), NWPT 2013, AIM XX (2014). In 2015 we hosted TYPES 2015, an Estonian-Finnish logic meeting and a COST ARVI MC&WG meeting.

We are active supporters of EWSCS, an international winter school series in TCS, and the biannual Estonian Theory Days. The latest editions were the Jõeküla, Käo and Lilaste 2 editions of the Theory Days and EWSCS 2016.

We enjoy receiving guests. In 2013-2015, Robin Cockett, Bruno Woltzenlogel Paleo, Andreas Abel, Shin-ya Katsumata, Tomas Petricek, Conor McBride, Gianluigi Bellin, Yuri Gurevich, Wolfgang Ahrendt, Venanzio Capretta, José Espírito Santo, Luís Pinto, Nicolas Wu, Marco Gaboardi visited us.

This year 2016, José Nuno Oliveira visited us for three weeks. Alberto Pardo, Venanzio Capretta and Maciej Piróg came for shorter visits.

Interested in Working Here or Visiting?

We are always interested in good students of all levels. If you are from Tallinn or Tartu and would like write a term paper or a MSc or PhD thesis with us, just get in touch. The cool computer science happens here.

We are also interested in PhD students and postdocs from abroad. If this sounds exciting, please enquire. Sometime positions can be set up at a very short notice. This said, at this moment both the Estonian higher education and research systems and our university are undergoing reforms unprecedented in both scope as well as craziness and our funding prospects are grimmer than ever, to put it mildly.

If you would like to visit and give a seminar talk, email us.

Tarmo Uustalu
Last update 14 December 2016