Local organizers

MPC/AMAST'06 is organized by Institute of Cybernetics, a research institution affiliated to Tallinn University of Technology.

Institute of Cybernetics, IoC, established 1960 as an Estonian Academy of Sciences research institute, is today a research institute of Tallinn University of Technology with approx 40 research staff. The research fields are control science, certain areas of mechanics and applied mathematics, and certain areas of computer science, incl. logic and semantics. The institute is the seat of two national centers of excellence: the center for non-linear studies and the center for dependable computing. Tallinn University of Technology, established 1918, has approx 700 academic staff and 10000 students and is the main technical university of the country and also the largest university in Tallinn.

The local organizers of MPC/AMAST'06 are:

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Please address all correspondence regarding the local organization of the conference, incl. registration, to the above email address. Otherwise you are risking a late answer.

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