Relating computational effects by TT-lifting

Shin-ya Katsumata
Kyoto University

Slides from the talk [pdf]

Abstract: When we have two implementations of a programming language, we are naturally interested in knowing a relationship between these implementations. Suppose that we obtain two relationships on 1) data representations in two implementations and 2) behaviours of side-effects in two implementations. Then the question is whether the obtained relationships are respected by every program, that is, for every program P, when related data are supplied as input, the execution of P in two implementations raises related side-effects.

We consider this question in the following theoretical setting:

We present a sufficient condition for a given set of relationships for values and computations to be respected by every program. This condition is natural, and applicable to any lambda_c-calculus with algebraic operations, monadic semantics and relationships under consideration.

The proof of the condition being sufficient hinges on the technique called categorical TT-lifting. It is a semantic formulation of Lindley and Stark's leapfrog method [3, 4], and constructs logical relations for monads. This construction takes a parameter, and by varying it we can derive various logical relations. In the proof of the sufficiency, we supply the relationship on computations as the parameter - this is the key to achieve the generality of the condition.

If time permits, I will talk about other applications of the categorical TT-lifting. This talk is based on [1, 2].

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