Visa information

Citizens of the EU/Schengen and most other European countries, USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, and many other countries do not need a visa to enter Estonia. Visas are however requested, e.g., from citizens of Russia, the Ukraine. Exact information on the regulations in force at any given time and contact data of the Estonian representations around the world are available from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (

To obtain a visa you must follow the instructions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs punctually. Do not try to improvise or take shortcuts. Any witty invention of your own will only delay your visa. Beware that the embassy or consulate may process your application as long as 30 days (although normally the process takes only a few days).

One of the documents you will need to apply for a visa to attend TFP / ICFP / GPCE '05 is an invitation letter from us. To receive such an invitation letter you must complete our visa invitation request form. Ask for your invitation letter in time - we will send it to you by regular air mail.

Since issuing a visa invitation means assuming a responsibility, we can only issue visa invitations to those registrants whose payment we have received in full.


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