Teooriapäevad Narva-Jõesuus / Theory Days at Narva-Jõesuu: Ajakava / Programme

Reede, 16. mai 2014 / Friday, 16 May 2014

 saabumine / arrival
15-16lõunasöök / lunch
16-17.10 Toomas Krips A hybrid model of fixed and floating point numbers in secure multiparty computations
Sander Siim Secure multiparty computation protocols from a high-level programming language
17.10-17.40paus / break
17.40-18.50 Tarmo Uustalu Bi-intuitionistic logics and modal logic
18.50-19.30õhtusöök / dinner
20.00-saun & diskussioon / sauna & discussion

Laupäev, 17. mai 2014 / Saturday, 17 May 2014

08.00-09.00hommikusöök / breakfast
09.00-10.10 Martin Aher You're in the wrong: a violation-based challenge to standard semantics for modals
10.10-10.40paus / break
10.40-12.25 Wolfgang Jeltsch Categorical semantics for functional reactive programming with temporal recursion and corecursion
Niccolò Veltri The delay monad in general categories
Fabrizio Maria Maggi Predictive monitoring of business processes
12.30-13.30lõunasöök / lunch
13.30-15.30aktiivne ajaviide / activities
15.30-17.10 Peeter Laud Privacy-preserving processing of regular languages
Risto Laanoja Efficient quantum-immune keyless signatures with identity
17.10-17.40paus / break
17.40-18.50 Juhan Ernits Pushing the limits of code duels: teaching and learning of AI algorithms
Härmel Nestra Software for instructors preparing algorithm visualization examples
18.50-19.30õhtusöök / dinner
20.00-diskussioon / discussion

Pühapäev, 18. mai 2014 / Sunday, 18 May 2014

08.00-09.00hommikusöök / breakfast
09.00-10.10 Keiko Nakata A recursive type system with type abbreviations and abstract types
Abel Armas Cervantes Behavioral comparison of process models based on canonically reduced event structures
10.10-10.40paus / break
10.40-12.25 Alisa Pankova Verifiable computation in multiparty protocols with honest majority
Pille Pullonen From input-private to universally composable secure multiparty computation
Martin Pettai Automatic proofs of privacy of secure multi-party computation protocols against active adversaries
12.30-13.30lõunasöök / lunch
13.45 ärasõit / departure
Liina Kamm
Peeter Laud
Helger Lipmaa
Tarmo Uustalu
Varmo Vene
Viimane uuendus 16.5.2014