Teooriapäevad Rogosis / Theory Days at Rogosi: Ajakava / Programme

Reede, 6. veebruar 2015 / Friday, 6 February 2015

 saabumine / arrival
14.30-15.30lõunasöök / lunch
15.30-16.40 Dominique Unruh Quantum position verification in the random oracle model
16.40-17.10paus / break
17.10-18.20 Denis Firsov Functional incremental computation
Tarmo Uustalu Runners for your computations
18.20-18.55ekskursioon mõisas / excursion in the manor
19.00-20.00õhtusöök / dinner
20.00-saun & diskussioon / sauna & discussion

Laupäev, 7. veebruar 2015 / Saturday, 7 February 2015

8.00-9.00hommikusöök / breakfast
9.00-10.10 Alisa Pankova Precomputed verification of multiparty protocols with honest majority
Peeter Laud Transforming out private conditionals in programs for secure multiparty computation platforms
10.10-10.40paus / break
10.40-11.50 Abel Armas Cervantes Behavioral comparison of process models based on canonically reduced event structures
Jüri Vain Provably correct model-based testing
11.50-14.30aktiivne ajaviide / activities
14.30-15.30lõunasöök / lunch
15.30-16.40 Olaf Maennel The future of cyber security exercises: more than just education?
Tanel Tammet Sightsmap: calculating popularity and meaning from crowd-sourced geodata
16.40-17.10paus / break
17.10-18.55 Silvio Capobianco Martin-Löf randomness and measure preservation in cellular automata
Raúl Vicente Magnets, machines, brains
19.00-20.00õhtusöök / dinner
20.00-saun & diskussioon / sauna & discussion

Pühapäev, 8. veebruar 2015 / Sunday, 8 February 2015

8.00-9.00hommikusöök / breakfast
9.00-10.10 Sander Siim Combining secret sharing and garbled circuits for efficient private IEEE 754 floating-point computations
Liina Kamm Privacy-preserving statistical analysis using secure multi-party computation
10.10-10.40paus / break
10.40-12.25 Vesal Vojdani Static analysis of priority scheduled programs
Kalmer Apinis Efficiently intertwining widening and narrowing
Niccolò Veltri Two set-based implementations of quotients
12.30-13.30lõunasöök / lunch
13.30 ärasõit / departure
Peeter Laud
Helger Lipmaa
Tarmo Uustalu
Varmo Vene
Viimane uuendus 6.2.2015