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Fifth International Baltic Conference on DB and IS
June 3-6, 2002, Tallinn, Estonia


The Baltic conferences are thought as an international forum for technical discussion among researchers and developers of database and information systems. The objective of the conference is to bring together researchers as well as practitioners and PhD students in the field of advanced database research that will improve the construction of future information systems. On the other hand, the conference is giving opportunities to developers, users and researchers of advanced IS technologies to present their work and to exchange their ideas and at the same time providing a feedback for database community.

The Conference is continuing a series of successful bi-annual Baltic workshops on databases and information systems, which have been held in Trakai (1994), Tallinn (1996), Riga (1998), and Vilnius (2000).

Organised by

Institute of Cybernetics
at Tallinn Technical University
Department of Computer Engineering
of Tallinn Technical University


Baltic Fund of
VLDB Endowment

Technical Co-Sponsorship

TC Communications Software
TC Enterprise Networking

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