Monday, June 2


Opening Session

Room: A-VII-226

Chair: Ahto Kalja

  • Opening Speech
    Andres Keevallik, The Vicerector of TUT
    Jaan Penjam, The Director of Institute of Cybernetics
  • Ontology: Concepts, Languages, and the World(s)
    Jari Palomäki

Session 1A: Database Technology and Semantic Web

Room: A-VII-226

Chair: Guntis Barzdins

  • Tailor-made XML Synopses
    Jose de Aguiar Moraes Filho, Theo Härder
  • A Five Step Refactoring Process: Improving Software Design Properly
    Janari Põld, Ahto Kalja, Tarmo Robal
  • Service Oriented Database Interface for Exchanging Multi-Format Tabular Data
    Kaiko Kaur, Andres Ojamaa

Session 1B: Requirements Engineering for Information Systems

Room: A-VII-131

Chair: Olegas Vasilecas

  • Requirements of the Plagiarism Detection Tool for Processing Template-Based Documents
    Alla Anohina, Janis Grundspenkis
  • A Knowledge-based Method for Transforming Requirements to Conceptual Model of a Data Warehouse
    Natalia Kozmina, Laila Niedrite, Darja Solodovnikova
  • Building Queries on Multiple Versions of Data Warehouse
    Darja Solodovnikova
15:30-16:00COFFEE BREAK

Doctoral Consortium

Room: A-VII-226

Chair: Jaan Penjam, Vahur Kotkas

  • Ordering of Categorical Data in Hierarchical Clustering
    Michail Kazimianec
  • Information Enabled Decision Making with Relevance
    Michael Borovicka
  • Testing of Embedded System's Non-functional Requirements
    Jurijs Grigorjevs
  • General Method for Usability Evaluation
    Dmitry Zub
17:00-18:30 Sightseeing Tour (walking)
19:00-21:00 Welcome Reception, Hall of Estonian Academy of Sciences, Kohtu Street 6

Tuesday, June 3


Session 2: Semantic Interoperability of State IS

Room: A-VII-226

Chair: Juris Borzovs

  • Semantic Latvia Approach in the Medical Domain
    Guntis Barzdins, Edgars Liepins, Marta Veilande, Martins Zviedris
  • Evaluation of e-Government Services in Lithuania in the context of European Interoperability Framework of IDABC programme
    Romualdas Krukauskas
  • The Estonian Semantic Interoperability Initiative in Public Sector
    Martin Luts, Hele-Mai Haav, Peep Küngas, Uuno Vallner, Ahto Kalja, Kalle Arula
10:30-11:00COFFEE BREAK

Session 3A: Information Systems and AI Technologies

Room: A-VII-226

Chair: Dale Dzemydiene

  • Learning with Adaptive Layer Activation in Spiking Neural Networks
    Janis Zuters
  • Using the Principles of an Agent-Based Modeling for the Evolution of IS Testing Involving Non-IT Testers
    Vineta Arnicane, Guntis Arnicans
  • e-University Initiative: Approach, Solutions and Case Studies
    Inga Medvedis, Laila Niedrite, Aivars Niedritis, Maris Treimanis, Arnis Voitkans

Session 3B: Component-Based Systems Development

Room: A-VII-131

Chair: Kuldar Taveter

  • Automating the Software Environment Testing Process
    Krišs Rauhvargers, Jānis Bičevskis
  • Metamodel Based Approach to IS Development and Lessons Learned
    Jānis Iljins
  • Self-Testing: A new Testing Approach
    Zane Bičevska, Jānis Bičevskis
14:00-20:00 EXCURSION
Viru Bog Nature Trail, 3.5 km boardwalk and dinner in Kolga Manor

Wednesday, June 4


Session 4: Information Systems Integration

Room: A-VII-226

Chair: Peep Küngas

  • Visualization and Analysis of Open Source Software Evolution using An Evolution Curve Method
    Robertas Damaševičius
  • A Prüfer Sequence-based Approach for Schema Matching
    Alsayed Algergawy, Eike Schallehn, Gunter Saake
  • Mapping of MDA Models into the Software Development Process
    Vladimirs Nikulsins, Oksana Nikiforova, Uldis Sukovskis
10:30-11:00COFFEE BREAK

Session 5: Ontology-Based Information Systems

Room: A-VII-226

Chair: Hele-Mai Haav

  • Evaluations for Improving Web Systems on the Basis of Users Behaviour Modelling
    Tarmo Robal, Ahto Kalja
  • Conceptual Linking of Educational Resources Based on Reasoning over Domain Ontology
    Dale Dzemydiene, Lina Tankeleviciene
  • Template-Based Approach for Rules Transformation into SQL Triggers
    Olegas Vasilecas, Diana Bugaite, Sergejus Sosunovas

Session 6A: Service Oriented Architectures

Room: A-VII-226

Chair: Martin Luts

  • Modern government E-service Infrastructure: Latvian Approach
    Pavel Semenchuk, Yuri Kornienko, Vita Narnicka
  • Flexible Database Platform for Biomedical Research with Multiple User Interfaces and a Universal Query Engine
    Margus Jäger, Liina Kamm, Darja Krushevskaja, Harry-Anton Talvik, Janno Veldemann, Andres Vilgota, Jaak Vilo
  • The Path and Subtree Locks in XML Databases
    Andrzej Sikorski

Session 6B: Business Information Systems

Room: A-VII-131

Chair: Albertas Caplinskas

  • Business Rule Based Software System Customisation and Configuration Management
    Aidas Smaizys, Olegas Vasilecas
  • Problems and Solutions With Business Rules Management and Enterprise Resource Planning System Integration
    Vladimir Avdejenkov, Olegas Vasilecas, Aidas Smaizys
  • Intelligent Transportation System on the Basis of Object-Oriented Database
    Andrew Yershov, Pavel Rusakov
15:30-16:00COFFEE BREAK


Doctoral Consortium

Room: A-VII-226

Chair: Hans-Dieter Ehrich, Vahur Kotkas

  • An Expert-Based Method for Computer Aided Technology Comparison
    Dmitry Mikoyelov
  • Text Mining for Automatic Annotation of Microarray Experiment Clusters
    Aleksandr Tkatchenko, Konstantin Tretjakov, Priit Adler, Jaak Vilo
  • Agile Software Development with Scrum and ISO/IEC Software Quality Standards
    Margus Nael
20:00-22:00 Conference Dinner at Restaurant Clazz, Vana Turg 2



Thursday, June 5


Session 7: Data and Knowledge Management

Room: A-VII-226

Chair: Janis Grundspenkis

  • Building Up Low-Level Centroids for Groups of Perceptually Similar Images
    Ilya Markov, Natalia Vassilieva
  • A Log Management Information Base For Audit Log Review and Unification
    Wai Man To, Theodore Tryfonas, Dave W. Farthing
  • Analyzing and Defining Active Database Rules on a Conceptual Level
    Peter Bellström, Lars Jakobsson
10:30-11:00COFFEE BREAK

Session 8: Information Systems and Security

Room: A-VII-226

Chair: Tarmo Robal

  • On Universal Database Design
    Erki Eessaar, Marek Soobik
  • Is the Scanning of Computer Networks Dangerous?
    Anton Keks, Vladimir Viies
12:00-12:30 CLOSING

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