19th Estonian Winter School in Computer Science (EWSCS)
XIX Eesti Arvutiteaduse Talvekool

Palmse, Estonia, March 2 - 7, 2014

Claudio Orlandi

Dept. of Computer Science
Aarhus Universitet

Cryptographic tools for secure two-party computation


Traditional cryptography allows two parties to ensure authenticity and secrecy of their communication over an insecure channel -- two parties that trust each other and want to be protected against external attacker. However, in modern applications the trust model is different, and the parties involved might not trust each other and require extra security guarantees. Electronic auctions, electronic voting and cloud computing are few examples of such applications. In this short course, I will present some of state-of-the art cryptographic tools that allow two (or more) parties to perform any computation on their data in a way that preserves the privacy of the secret inputs and the correctness of the results, even if the system is under attack by internal and external adversaries.

The focus of the course will be on efficient techniques for two-party computation secure against active adversaries. A list of the tools and the techniques that will be presented include: protocols with trusted dealer, oblivious transfer, garbled circuits, cut-and-choose, computing on authenticated data etc.

Course materials

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