24th Estonian Winter School in Computer Science (EWSCS)
XXIV Eesti Arvutiteaduse Talvekool

Palmse, Estonia, March 3 - 8, 2019

Jade Alglave

Department of Computer Science
University College London
United Kingdom

Herding cats


Concurrent programming is known to be quite hard. It is made even harder by the fact that, very often, the execution models of the machines we run our software on are not precisely defined.

This lecture is a tutorial on the herd tool and the cat language, in which one can define consistency models, i.e. execution models of concurrent and distributed systems.

By the end of this lecture, you should be able to build several models:

Most of the lecture is going to be interactive, using the herd tool. For this tutorial to go smoothly, I would suggest to download the herd tool and install it beforehand.

Course materials

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