The central elements of the organization of EXCS are working groups (WGs) and a management committee (MC). In addition, the centre has a general assembly (GA) representing the institutions involved and an international advisory board (IAB) to consult the MC.

Working Groups (WGs)

The research activity of the centre is organized around working groups, aligned along the competencies and interests of the researchers and crossing, wherever appropriate, the target-financed theme and institution boundaries.

EXCS has 6 WGs with well-defined research areas, with designated WG leaders:

Management Committee (MC)

The management committee consists of the leaders of the 6 target-financed themes/institutional research grant projects constituting the centre and the leaders of the working groups. The MC meets at least once per three months to coordinate cross-WG research activities and the joint actions of the centre.

General Assembly (GA)

The general assembly consists of administration representatives from the 3 institutions involved (one for each) and the leaders of the 6 target-financed theme leaders/institutional research grant projects. It meets at least once a year to decide on adminstrative matters (incl. budget). The MC reports to the GA.

The 3 institution representatives are

Project Leader

Both the GA and MC are chaired by a project leader who can be substituted by a project co-leader. Decisions should be reached through consensus. In case of a serious disagreement, the project leader makes the final decision.

The project leader is Tarmo Uustalu (the leader of the target-financed theme at IoC). The project co-leader is Peeter Laud (the leader of WG-Sec and the substitute administration representative for CybAS).

International Advisory Board (IAB)

The IAB advises the MC on the research plans of the centre, reviews the annual progress reports and meets at least once a year.

The members of the IAB are

Tarmo Uustalu
Latest update 6 November 2012