Model Based Java Software Development Technology


The aim of the present project is

  1. to develop a model-based Java software technology supported by automated program generation and respective methodologies,
  2. to implement a tool for Java applications development based on this technology, and
  3. to validate the technology through the development of industrial applications (e.g. fluid power systems and technical chainsystems, etc.) and public e-services.

The tool is expected to be a software environment with strong visual part for developing and applying models as well as for controlling the computations. The developed model-based technology will provide high degree of automation based on application of logical methods of program construction.

  • Model-based Java software development technology [PDF]
  • CoCoViLa

Financial support

  • Estonian ICTP project no 3.2.1201.13-0026
  • Archimedes
  • Estonian higher education information and communications technology and research and development activities state program 2011-2015 [ICT program]