Modeling and Simulation Group at IoC

Who We Are

We are a research group in the Software Science Laboratory of the Institute of Cybernetics (IoC), a leading computer science research institution of Estonia. We take advantage of visual and high-level programming languages, logic and proof-search technologies to develop user-friendly and flexible tools for automated program composition, modelling and simulations.

The current members of the modelling and simulation group are:

We collaborate with Prof. Emeritus Gunnar Grossschmidt of the Department of Machinery of the Tallinn University of Technology , Prof. Mihhail Matskin from KTH and Prof. Grigori Mints from Stanford University

Our further colleagues are in Logic and Semantics Group led by Tarmo Uustalu.

What We Do

We are aiming at a tool development that enables modeling and simulation of complex systems and automated program composition. We do research and take advantage of the following fields:

We were the organizing team behind these international events:
JCKBSE 2006, SiMa seminar 2009, ECIW 2011, BalticDB&IS 2014

If you are a student and would like to write a MSc or PhD thesis with us, do not hesitate to contact us. Here are some example topics we propose.

A Tool history

During a number of decades several software tools that facilitate program synthesis features have been developed by our group :

Applications and Activities

We consider building just the tools without any applications not fun. Most of the ideas and realization approaches are there due to the tasks from the real life. The following is a limited list of applications made:

Vahur Kotkas
Last update 16 May 2016