Tallinn, Estonia's capital, is famous for its picturesque medieval Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

House of the Brotherhood of the Blackheads, Pikk 26, Tallinn The workshop sessions will take place in the historic House of the Brotherhood of the Blackheads (Mustpeade maja, Pikk 26, on map below) in the Old Town.

Hobuveski, Lai 47, Tallinn The welcome reception will be held in the Horsemill (Hobuveski, Lai 47, on the map below) also located in the Old town. It is a round one-storey cellared limestone building with a 16-meters diameter. It was first mentioned in the year 1379 and was initially used to make flour when the town was under siege or when the watermills did not work due to lack of water. Nowadays it is mostly used for theatrical events.

The conference dinner Thursday evening will take place in Restaurant Platz (Roseni 7, on the map below). This is in Rotermanni quarter, a new area of shopping and restaurants in former factory buildings, behind Nordic Hotel Forum and the Coca-Cola multiplex cinema.

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