IFIP WG 2.8 Meeting #22

Kalvi Manor, Estonia, 1-4 October 2005

Hosted by Institute of Cybernetics (IoC)

IFIP WG 2.8 (Functional Programming) is a working group within TC 2 (Software: Theory and Practice) of IFIP. Its purpose is to encourage the exchange of information between researchers in the design, implementation, and use of functional programming languages. The WG meets approximately every 11 months.

WG 2.8 meetings are informal and fun. The meeting programme is decided dynamically, and slots are flexible to allow discussions to run their course. Participation is restricted to the members and observers of the WG.

The next meeting will take place in Estonia in connection with ICFP 2005.

The meeting will take place at Kalvi Manor approx 130 kms from Tallinn (location in Estonia, location in North-Estonia).

Kalvi has a long and varied history that can be traced back to the year 1196, when the first historical sources describe the location as an active trading zone. Kalvi has functioned as a fortress and later as an estate. The current castle building is a cultural and architectural memorial, built between 1908-1914.

The meeting will begin lunchtime Sat 1 Oct (with an excursion before, in the morning) and end after lunch Tue 4 Oct.

Registration to this meeting is closed. List of participants.


For general information about Estonia and for travel information, consult the local information pages of TFP/ICFP/GPCE 2005.

We will depart from Tallinn city center (the parking lot in front of Estonia, the National Opera, see this map) Sat 1 Oct at 9.00 and be back at Tallinn airport Tue 4 Oct by 16.15, Tallinn city center by 16.45. For the case you must reach or leave Kalvi on your own, the closest bus stop at the main road Narva-Tallinn is Aseri tee and the bus timetables are available online at www.bussireisid.ee.

Some photos from the meeting.

Minutes of the meeting.

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