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2nd ed

Andre ARNOLD, 1945-, University of Bordeaux

Irene GUESSARIAN, 1948-, Institute Blaise Pascal

Prentice-Hall international series in computer science

Publisher : Prentice Hall - London ; New York

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KEY BENEFIT: This book provides the essential mathematics needed to study computing, all under one cover. Aware that many readers do not have the same mathematical background common 5 years ago, this book has been written to accomodate these changes. Many exercises are provided with fully detailed answers and all difficult concepts are thoroughly illustrated to help learning.

KEY TOPICS: Compact and concise, the book fully explains the fundamentals of mathematics in an easy to read style. Difficult but crucial areas of the subject are developed by example and counter example. Chapters are designed to be read in isolation and interdependence between chapters in minimalised.


Includes Index.

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