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2nd ed

Melvin FITTING, 1942- , The City of New York University, Bronx, NY, USA

Series: Graduate Texts in Computer Science.
Eds.: D. Gries; F. Schneider. (Springer-Verlag New York Inc.)

Publisher : Springer-Verlag - New York

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This graduate-level text presents fundamental concepts and results of classical logic in a rigorous mathematical style. Applications to automated theorem proving are considered and usable Prolog programs provided. It will serve both as a first text in formal logic and an introduction to automation issues for students in computer science or mathematics. The book treats propositional logic, first-order logic, and first-order logic with equality. In each case the initial presentation is semantic, to define the intended subjects independently of the choice of proof mechanism. Then many kinds of proof procedure are introduced. Results such as completeness, compactness, and interpolation are established, and theorem provers are implemented in Prolog. This new edition includes material on AE calculus, Herbrand's Theorem, Gentzen's Theorem, and related topics.


Includes bibliographical references (p. [315]-318) and index.

BOOK CATEGORY: Advanced Textbook

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