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Dov M. GABBAY, 1945-.
Department of Computing, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London

Series: Oxford logic guides, Vol. 28 - Oxford Science Publications

Publisher : Oxford University Press - Clarendon Press , Oxford

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This long awaited book gives a thorough account of the mathematical foundations of temporal logic, one of the most important logic areas in computer science. It gives a solid introduction to semantical and axiomatic approaches to temporal logic, and covers the central topics of predicate temporal logic, metalanguages, general theories of axiomatization, many dimensional systems, propositional quantifiers, expressive power, Henkin dimension, temporalization of other logics, and decidability results. Much of the research presented here is at the cutting edge, both in new results and in the unifying methodology.


  1. The handling of time: introduction and survey
  2. Semantical presentation of temporal connectives
  3. Axiomatic presentation of propositional temporal connectives
  4. Predicate temporal logics
  5. Temporal logics presented in the predicate calculus: language-metalanguage
  6. A general theory of axiomatization for propositional temporal logic
  7. Basic many-dimensional systems
  8. Propositional quantifiers and fixed point operators
  9. Expressive power of one-dimensional temporal connectives: basic concepts
  10. Expressive completeness of Since and Until over integer and real time
  11. Expressive completeness of Stavi connectives over general linear time
  12. Further expressive completeness results
  13. H-dimension
  14. Adding a temporal dimension to a logic system
  15. Decidability in temporal logic
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