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John V. TUCKER, 1952-, both of Univ. College of Swansea, Wales, UK.

Series: Wiley professional computing

Publisher : John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Publishers - Chichester ; New York

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Prominent experts present papers which discuss problems regarding this subject. Coverage includes case studies in the translation of logics for second-order and propositional dynamic logic; many-sorted algebras and equational logic; logical foundations of artificial intelligence along with a variety of methods that exist to encode information; program verification techniques such as Floyd-Hoare, intermittent assertion and temporal logic of programs.


ALGEBRAIC METHODS. Equational Specifications for Computable Data Types: Six Hidden Functions Suffice and Other Sufficiency Bounds (J. Bergstra & J. Tucker). On Bounds for the Specification of Finite Data Types by Means of Equations and Conditional Equations (J. Bergstra & J. Tucker). Many-Sorted Logics and Algebraic Semantics (I. Guessarian). Subdirect Representation of Higher-Order Algebras (K. Meinke).

FOUNDATIONS OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. On the Appearance of Sortal Literals: A Non-Substitutional Approach to Hybrid Reasoning (A. Cohn). An Order-Sorted Predicate Logic with Closely Coupled Taxonomic Information (C. Beierle, et al.).

FOUNDATIONS OF PROGRAM VERIFICATION. Comparing and Characterizing the Powers of Established Program Verification Methods (I. Sain). An Infinite Hierarchy of Program Verification Methods (A. Pasztor). Standard Versus Non-Standard Semantics in Logics for Functional Programs (A. Gil-Luezas, et al.).

Includes bibliographical references and index.

MARKET: Mathematicians, Computer and Industrial Scientists, Philosophers, Graduate Students, Instructors.

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