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Steve REEVES, 1957- ,
Michael CLARKE, 1940- ,
Q M W, University of London

International Computer Science Series

Publisher : Addison-Wesley Publishing Co. - Wokingham, England ; Reading, Mass.

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An understanding of logic is essential to computer science. This book provides a highly accessible account of the logical basis required for reasoning about computer programs and applying logic in fields like artificial intelligence. The text contains extended examples, algorithms, and programs written in Standard ML and Prolog. No prior knowledge of either language is required.

The book contains a clear account of classical first-order logic, one of the basic tools for program verification, as well as an introductory survey of modal and temporal logics and possible world semantics. An introduction to intuitionistic logic as a basis for an important style of program specification is also featured in the book.


1.Introduction 2.Formalizing The Language 3.Extending the Language 4.Semantic Tableaux 5.Natural Deduction 6.Some Extended Examples 7.Logic Programming 8.Non-standard Logics 9.Further Study 10.Appendices

Includes bibliographical references (p. 255-256) and index.

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