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Volume I: Logic, Problem Solving, Programs and Computers
C++ ed.

Allen B. TUCKER, Bowdoin College,
Andrew P.BERNAT, University of Texas, El Paso,
W. James BRADLEY, Calvin College,
Robert D. CUPPER, Allegheny College,
Greg W. SCRAGG, State University of New York, Geneseo.

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McGraw-Hill series in computer science. Fundamentals of computing and programming

Publisher : McGraw Hill - New York

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This is the first of a four-volume series of innovative introductory computer science texts available in both Pacal and C++ versions. Both the versions are accompanied by their own language-specific Lab Manual.

This C++ version gives an expanded treatment of problem-solving and programming, better integrates the use of logic and proof methods, and has an enhanced lab manual with many examples of C++ syntax and usage.


Computing as a Human Enterprise. Computers and Problem Solving. Logic and Problem Specification. Problem Solving Tools. Problem Solving and Programs. Program Robustness and Testing. Logic, Reasoning, and Program Correctness. Logic and Computers. Programs and Computers. The Social Context of Computing. Computing as a Discipline.

Includes index.

Introductory-level undergraduate courses in computer science and computer engineering.

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