2nd Estonian Summer School in
Computer and Systems Science (ESSCaSS'03)

II Eesti Arvuti- ja Süsteemiteaduse Suvekool (EASTS'03)

Taagepera Castle, August 10-14, 2003.


Please check last minute travel information for concise details for getting to Taagepera.

Travel from Tallinn to Taagepera and back

The bus to Taagepera will leave at 17.00 on August 10 to Taagepera. The journey will take about 3 h. The return bus from Taagepera to Tallinn will leave Taagepera at 14.30 on August 14 and will reach Tallinn around 17.30-18.00.

There are a few public bus options to Ala, which is 3 km from Taagepera. The shuttle can stop at Ala upon arrival (at around 20.20), but please send an email to summerschool@cc.ioc.ee if you plan to use that option.
The bus schedules can be found at www.bussireisid.ee (it is unfortunately only in Estonian but should be quite intuitive. Please ask summerschool@cc.ioc.ee if something is unclear).

Travel guide for those travelling by car

The travel time from
  • Tallinn to Taagepera ~3h (Viljandi - Karksi-Nuia - Ala - Taagepera);
  • Tartu to Taagepera ~1h (Rõngu - Pikasilla - Tõrva - Ala - Taagepera);
  • Riga to Taagepera ~3h (Riga - Valka - Valga - Tõrva - Ala - Taagepera);


Citizens of the EU/Schengen and most other European countries, USA, and many other countries do not need a visa to enter Estonia. Visas are however requested from citizens of Canada, Russia, the Ukraine, Belorus. Exact information on the regulations in force at any given time is available from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (www.vm.ee).

Should you need a visa to attend ESSCaSS'03, please contact the organizers well in advance for an official invitation letter.

Getting to Tallinn

There exist direct flights to Tallinn from London, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Vienna, Moscow, Warsaw, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki. For information, see the web homepages of Tallinn Airport (www.tallinn-airport.ee) and Estonian Air (www.estonian-air.ee). The city is 2 kms from the airport and you reach it either by taxi or bus No. 2.

For ferry connections from/to Stockholm and Helsinki, see the web pages of Tallink/Hansatee (www.tallink.ee), Silja Line (www.silja.ee) and Eckerö Line (www.eckeroline.ee). For international coach connections from/to Vilnius and Riga, see the web page of Eurolines (www.eurolines.ee).


Estonia (just as Finland, Latvia, Lithuania) uses East-European Time, EET, which is one hour ahead of Central-European Time, CET. Currently we also have daylight saving time, so it is GMT + 3.


The electricity supply is 220 volts AC, 50 Hz. European-style 2-pin plugs are in use.

Money and banks

The currency in Estonia is Estonian crown (EEK). EEK is pegged to EUR at the rate of 1 EUR = 15.64664 EEK.

Major bank cards are widely accepted in Tallinn and other cities (but not necessarily in the countryside). You may be requested to present your passport or driver's licence in proof of identity when paying with a card. Bank offices and currency exchange points are numerous and have very reasonable opening hours. Cash advance is also possible from ATMs. The most widely accepted travellers cheques are Am Ex and Thomas Cook.

Postal services

Postage on letters (up to 20 g) [postcards] within Estonia is 4.40 [3.60] EEK, to the Baltic and Nordic countries 6.00 [5.00] EEK by air mail and 5.50 [4.50] EEK by surface mail, to the rest of Europe and the former USSR 6.50 [6.00] (only air mail is possible), to the rest of the world 8.00 [7.50] EEK (only air mail is possible). Air mail post has to be marked with blue "Prioritaire / Par avion" stickers.

Post offices are open during the normal shopping hours. Stamps are also sold in newsstands.


International calls to Estonia: dial the prefix for intl. calls (00 in most countries), then the country code 372, then the trunk code excluding the initial 0, and then the subscriber's number. International calls from Estonia: dial the prefix 00 for intl. calls, then your country code etc. Non-local calls and calls from GSMs within Estonia: dial the trunk code including the initial 0, then the number.

Some important trunk codes: Tallinn - 0, Tartu - 07, EMT - 050, 051 and 052, Tele2 (Q-GSM) - 055 and 058, Radiolinja Eesti - 056.

The emergency number (fire brigade, ambulance) is 112. For police only, dial 110.

Payphones are many, but take ET phonecards only. The three different cards cost 30, 50 and 100 EEK and can be bought from newsstands and supermarkets.


Internet cafes (with terminals) include: Espresso (Estonia pst 7, 15 EEK/30 mins, 2 terminals), Kohvik@Grill (Aia 3, in WW Passage shopping centre, entrance from Vana-Viru, 15 EEK/30 mins, 4 terminals). Other places: Arvutisaal (Vana-Posti 2, 2nd floor, 30 EEK/1 hr, 6 terminals), Tallinn Central Library (Estonia pst 8, free of charge), National Library (Tõnismagi 2, 7th floor, 10 EEK/15 mins). Internet terminals/Internet access are offered also by most hotels.

There is wireless internet (WiFi) available at Taagepera Castle.

Wireless Internet (WiFi) areas include Tallinn Airport (transit zone, ISP: Tallinn Airport IT Dept), Raekoja plats (=Town Hall Square, ISPs: Uninet, ET), Cafe Moskva (Vabaduse väljak 10, ISP: Uninet), Coffik (Suur-Karja 18, ISP: Uninet), Cafe Võitlev Sõna (Pärnu maantee 28, ISP: Uninet), Seiklusjutte Maalt ja Merelt (pub at Tartu maantee 44, ISP: Uninet), Coca Cola Plaza (multiplex cinema, ISP: Uninet), many of the town's hotels, Viru (first floors, ISP: ET), Reval Hotel Central (ISP: ET). Closer information at www.wifi.ee.

Getting around in Tallinn

The public city transportation system of Tallinn, consisting of bus, tram and trolleybus traffic, is quite efficient. The lines are many and are operated frequently. Most stops have timetables (affixed to the stop signpost) and many also have a map of the transport system on display (in the waiting booth). Tickets are available from drivers, from special city transportation ticket stands and newsstands, they are validated by punching. Buses, trams and trolleybuses are all in one ticket system, a special ticket or a completion ticket in addition to an ordinary one is needed in an express bus. A ticket is valid for a single journey and costs 15 EEK when bought from the driver and 10 EEK when bought from a stand; a set of 10 tickets costs 70 EEK.

Some of the recommendable taxi companies are: Tulika Takso (www.tulikatakso.ee), phone 1200 or (0) 612 0000, Linnatakso (www.linnatakso.ee), phone 1242 or (0) 644 2442, E-takso/Takso 1700 (www.takso.ee), phone 1700 or (0) 60 59 700. The fare is typically 7 EEK per km.

Tourist information

For tourist information on Estonia in the Web, check the web pages of the Estonian Tourist Board (tourism.ee). For tourist information specifically on Tallinn, check the web pages of the Tallinn Tourist Board (www.tourism.tallinn.ee). Alternatively, InYourPocket.Com's Estonia and Tallinn pages (inyourpocket.com/estonia/en, inyourpocket.com/estonia/tallinn/en) make a useful reading too.

The Tourist Information Office in Tallinn is located at the corner of Niguliste and Kullassepa Streets very close to Raekoja plats (= Town Hall square) in the middle of the Old Town.

Accommodation in Tallinn

For those who need to overnight in Tallinn, we can recommend some hotels/hostels. Please arrange your accommodation directly with a hotel. We will be happy to assist you: should any question arise, do not hesitate to contact us by an email to summerschool@cc.ioc.ee.

Here is a small selection of the numerous hotels and guesthouses in or close to Tallinn's Old Town (except the Academic Hostel). For the complete list (should you want to see it), dive into the accommodation database of the Estonian Tourist Board, db.tourism.ee/.

Upmarket places

  • Taanilinna Hotel(www.taanilinna.ee)

    Uus 6, 10111 Tallinn, Estonia, phone: +372 6 406 700 fax: +372 6 464 306, e-mail: info(at)taanilinna.ee

    It is a cosy hotel in the Old Town, right at the heart of Tallinn. The hotel is small, ~20 rooms. Internet connection is available.

    Single room 1500 EEK (96 EUR), double room 1270/1790/2400 EEK (82/115/155 EUR).

  • Viru (www.viru.ee)

    Viru väljak 4, phone +372 630 13 90, fax +372 630 13 03, email reservation(at)viru.ee.

    The 22-storey hotel right at the mouth of the Old Town, Viru tänav. Internet connection available in Business Class rooms. Wireless Internet (WiFi) access.

    Single room 1727/2041 EEK (110/130 EUR), double room 2041/2277 EEK (130/145 EUR).

  • Reval Hotel Central (www.revalhotels.com)

    Narva maantee 7C, phone +372 669 06 90/663 98 00, fax +372 633 99 00, email central(at)revalhotels.com.

    One of the town's four Reval Group hotels, a scaled-back version of their luxurious 26-storey Olümpia. Not so central as the name says, but close enough, 10 mins walk from the Old Town towards Kadriorg, Pirita along Narva maantee. Wireless Internet (WiFi) access.

    Single room 1100/1200 EEK (70/77 EUR), double room 1300/1500 EEK (83/96 EUR).

  • Mihkli (www.mihkli.ee)

    Endla 23, phone +372 666 48 00, fax +372 666 48 88, email mihkli(at)anet.ee.

    A decent 5-storey hotel close to the National Library, Kaarli (St Charles') church, 10 mins walk from the Old Town. WC/shower, TV, telephone in every room; internet room, free morning sauna available.

    Single room 800 EEK (51 EUR), double room 1050 EEK (67 EUR).

  • Rotermanni Viiking (www.vikinghotel.ee)

    Mere puiestee 6A, phone +372 660 1934, fax +372 613 7901, email bookings(at)vikinghotel.ee.

    A pleasant hotel in the Rotermanni quarter, that is, between the passanger port and the Old Town. WC/shower, TV, telephone in every room.

    Single room 790 EEK (53 EUR), double room 990 EEK (66 EUR).

    NB. Rotermanni Viiking is not be confused with Rotermanni, another hotel next to it.

Budget places

We are happy to assist you in arranging a booking in case you want to save on the cost by sharing a room with a fellow participant, send an email to summerschool@cc.ioc.ee. The earlier, the better.

  • Academic Hostel(www.academichostel.com)

    Akadeemia tee 7, Tallinn 12611, Estonia, phone +372 620 2275, fax +372 620 2276.

    The hostel is on the Tallinn Technical University campus, surrounded by residential area and forest, about 10 km from the city centre.

    Double room for either single or double use: 470 EEK (30 EUR), breakfast available for 40 EEK (2.5 EUR) per person. 5% off with ISIC student card.

  • Oldhouse Apartments & Guesthouse (www.oldhouse.ee)

    Uus 22, phone +372 641 14 64, email info(at)oldhouse.ee.

    A conveniently located B&B in the Old Town close to the Viru Gate. Clean hall showers. Breakfast in a room with a fireplace and a TV set. Only 3 single rooms, 1 double room.

    Single room 450 EEK (29 EUR), double room 650 EEK (42 EUR), 10 pct off for ISIC/ITIC card holders. Credit cards not accepted.


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