3rd Estonian Summer School in
Computer and Systems Science (ESSCaSS'04)

III Eesti Arvuti- ja Süsteemiteaduse Suvekool (EASTS'04)

Pedase, August 8-12, 2004.


Speaker: Wilfried Brauer
Technische Universität München


The lectures series begins with some general remarks on 4 different aspects of informatics (i.e. on different views of the computer and its use) and on 4 stages in the historical development of the technologies and concepts used in informatics.

The second (and much larger part) is a (one-semester) course (by G. Weiss) on basic concepts of multiagent systems and on modeling agent-based software (not all details contained in the material copied for the summer school participants will be covered in the lectures).

In the third part some remarks on sociological theories are made, since in recent years we have studied in my research group how some sociological theories could be used for modeling large open societies of agents (in the internet, for example).

The fourth part contains the basic results of this research (which was mainly done by M. Nickles and M. Rovatsos for their Ph. D. theses). It was a surprise that two prominent but very different sociological theories lead to two new and complementary methods of modeling multiagent systems and to a unified model of sociality in multiagent systems.

In the last part some speculations on the future of multiagent systems and the so-called ‘knowledge society' are made – in particular on the question which knowledge people will need at all in the future, what they still would have to learn and what not.


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