3rd Estonian Summer School in
Computer and Systems Science (ESSCaSS'04)

III Eesti Arvuti- ja Süsteemiteaduse Suvekool (EASTS'04)

Pedase, August 8-12, 2004.


Travel from Tallinn to Pedase and back

The bus to Pedase will leave from Tallinn at 10.00 on Sunday, August 8. The bus will start at 10.00 from the Central Bus Station and go to the Institute of Cybernetics (Akademia tee 21) from there. The bus will leave 10.30 from the Institute of Cybernetics for Pedase. The bus stops at the following locations in Tallinn:

Sunday, August 8:

  • 10.00 Bus Station (Lastekodu 46)
  • 10.15 Hotel Scandic Palace (Vabaduse väljak 3)
  • 10.30 Institute of Cybernetics (Akadeemia tee 21)
If you have accommodation somewhere close to the centre, please send an e-mail to esscass(at)cc.ioc.ee and we can arrange another stop on our way to pick you up

The journey will take about 1.5 h. The return bus from Pedase to Tallinn will leave Pedase at 14.00 on August 12 and will reach Tallinn around 15.00-15.30.

Travel guide for those travelling by car

The map (PostScript) of the area around Pedase is here (4.6 MB) The travel time from Tallinn to Pedase is around 1 h. The distance is 65 km.
  • Tallinn to Pedase ~1h (Keila - Vasalemma - Rummu - Padise - Harju Risti - Pedase);

Things to bring:

  • Mosquito repellent (there are lots of mosquitos in the evenings);
  • Your laptop: some of the lecturers will provide some software for you to try out;
  • Relevant gear for outdoor activities and may be even swimming.

Weather information: www.ilm.ee.


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