3rd Estonian Summer School in
Computer and Systems Science (ESSCaSS'04)

III Eesti Arvuti- ja Süsteemiteaduse Suvekool (EASTS'04)

Pedase, August 8-12, 2004.



The student presentations are expected to last 20 minutes after which there will be 5 minutes for questions and discussion. There will be a whiteboard, overhead projector (for transparencies), and a computer with projector (for presentations in MS Powerpoint, Openoffice Impress, PDF, PS formats) available for presentation.


The posters are expected to be of A1 size (8 x A4). For further information please follow the guidelines in the following links.
The poster should either be printed on e.g. A4 sheets and then taped together or printed directly A1 medium. Please bring your poster with you to the summer school since there will be limited printing facilities available there (only A4 printer for printing files in PDF formats (other formats may cause trouble)).

The approach solicited further on presumes that the poster is prepared with your favourite text editor and printed into a PostScript file with PostScript printer driver (native in Linux and Unixes, requires e.g. Adobe PostScript printer driver in Windows).

As the document will be programmatically magnified, the following technical recommendations are worth keeping in mind:

  • When choosing fonts:
    • A1 is approximately 2.83 times (2*sqrt(2)) larger than A4, so the lower bounds for font sizes in A4 should be 12-16 for the title, 9-10 for the body, 6 for text associated with figures and 5 for citations.
    • Do not use bitmap fonts. Use Type 1 fonts or TrueType fonts. The aesthetic quality of the poster will otherwise be greatly reduced during magnification.
  • When creating figures:
    • Create figures in vector format (e.g. Encapsulated PostScript, CorelDraw, …) and use vector fonts there too.
      (For *.eps graphics it is useful to add a bitmap preview, so that the figure becomes visible also on screen. Use Epstool to add a preview to an *.eps figure created with e.g. XFig.
      epstool -t6p filename.eps filenamewithpreview.eps )
The tiny script called a4toa1 can be used to resize A4 to A1 and to print it on 9 A4 sheets. (Windows users are expected to have Cygwin installed to be able to run this script).


It is assumed that you have the following packages installed (usually all reasonable OS distributions have a package of each available, so the installation procedure should be fairly easy):

Links to a selection of relevant pages


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