Estonian Winter Schools in Computer Science    
Eesti arvutiteaduse talvekoolid
EWSCS 2004
EATTK 2004

9th Estonian Winter School in Computer Science (EWSCS)
IX Eesti Arvutiteaduse Talvekool (EATTK)

Palmse, Estonia
February 29 - March 5, 2004

Madhu Sudan

Laboratory for Computer Science
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA, USA

Essential Coding Theory


This course introduces the theory of error-correcting codes to computer scientists. This theory, dating back to the works of Shannon and Hamming from the late 40's, overflows with theorems, techniques, and notions of interest to theoretical computer scientists. The course will focus on results of asymptotic or algorithmic significance. Principal topics include:

Course materials

Essential coding theory. Slides for the EWSCS course. [ps]

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