Print Research Project RPG1227 Funding by the Estonian Research Council
Modelling of nonlinear wave processes in advanced materials

WAVE CONTROL IN SOLID STRUCTURES USING MODULATED METAMATERIALS Although several strategies have been proposed to design active metamaterials, efficiently changing the structural parameters still remains an open challenge. The reflection and transmission properties of the modulated metamaterials have not been clearly revealed yet. The objectives then are to reveal the reasons that cause the nonreciprocal wave propagation through modulated media, to study the influence of the modulation wave on the nonreciprocal wave propagation, and to quantify the one-way energy isolation effect. The main objectives are:
A) To provide an efficient method that could predict and describe the wave propagation phenomena induced by time-space modulated structures in specific situations, and to explain why they occur.
B) To describe the influences of other unusual phenomena on building one-way energy insulators by using the strong nonreciprocity of time-space modulated structures.
C) To quantify the accuracy and speed at which band structure tuning may be conducted, and the subsequent rate at which the desired transformation of wave motion takes place.
The studied problems and developed methods will be focused on understanding dynamic phenomena such as structural damping of vibrations, wave dispersion, energy transformation, conduction, or dissipation.

Print Laboratory of Solid Mechanics

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