3rd European Physics Olympiad

31 May 2019 - 4 June, Riga, Latvia


Special awards:

European Physical Society award for the best overall result: Jonáš Dujava (Slovakia).
Best in theory: Marko Čmrlec (Slovenia)
Best in Clarity of Reasoning in Theory: Richard Luhtaru (Estonia).
Best in theory: Grgur Premec (Croatia)
Best of Riga Technical University: Agnis Salmiņš (Latvia 2)

Problems: theory, experiment.
Solutions: theory.
Marking schemes: theory 1, theory 2. theory 3.

Histograms by problem.
Rank-score plot.

Example solutions for Theory problem 1: by Richard Luhtaru (Estonia) and Eu-Shaun Leong (Singapore)
Example solutions for Theory problem 2: by Ramadhan Yuwanza (Indonesia) and Jānis Hūns (Latvia).
Best solutions for Theory problem 3: by Richard Luhtaru, Marko Čmrlec (Slovenia), and István Csépányi (Hungary).
Best solutions for Experiment: by Stefan Dolteanu (Romania)
Example solutions for Experiment, first half: by Grgur Premec (Croatia)
Example solutions for Experiment, second half: by Mihai Vasile (Romania), Example solutions for Experiment: by Ivan Kharichkin (Russia),

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