Physics Cup - 2019, Problem 4

Although the fourth problem was supposed to be fairly difficult, there were as many as 31 correct solutions (out of the 48 solutions submitted in total). Majority of the solutions were based on the superposition principle, and only very few contestants made use of equivalent circuits.

Fundamentally, all solutions were fairly similar, so the best solution award goes to those who documented well their solutions, and avoided unnecessary steps. According to standard policy, preference was given to those solutions which were submitted before the publication of the first hint. And so, the best solution awards go to: Johanes Suhardjo, Felix Bekir Christensen and Thomas Foster. All of them get 33.3% of the bonus. While Johanes and Felix both apply cleanly, optimally and in a well-documented way the approach based on the superposition principle (Johanes provides also an alternative way of using the reciprocity theorem). Meanwhile, Thomas makes use of the equivalent thre-terminal circuits.

Results for Problem 3, university students.
name country school solved score
Johanes SuhardjoIndonesiaHong Kong Univ Sci & Tech10 Mar. 2019 15:423.62
Felix Bekir ChristensenGermanyUniversity of Oxford10 Mar. 2019 19:543.291
Thomas FosterUKUniversity of Oxford11 Mar. 2019 10:332.992
Siddharth TiwaryIndiaIndian Institute of Technology Bombay11 Mar. 2019 14:341.754
Batuhan Keskin TurkeyBOGAZICI UNIVERSITY 22 Mar. 2019 16:561.594
Damiano TiettoItalyUniversità degli Studi di Padova 07 Apr. 2019 16:501.611
Eugen DizerGermanyUniversity of Heidelberg07 Apr. 2019 22:551.318
Results for Problem 4, high school students.
name country school solved score
Stefan DolteanuRomaniaIntern Computer HS Bucharest10 Mar. 2019 20:552.594
Ionel-Emilian ChiosaRomaniaIntern Computer HS Bucharest11 Mar. 2019 12:402.022
Tùng Trần Xuân VietnamHN-Amsterdam11 Mar. 2019 19:522.144
Vladislav PolyakovRussiaSchool No 239, St Petersburg12 Mar. 2019 06:411.851
Oliwier UrbańskiPolandSzkoła Nr 28 w Poznaniu12 Mar. 2019 14:341.772
Eduard Burlacu Romania Intern Computer HS Bucharest13 Mar. 2019 16:521.53
Péter ElekHungaryDRK Dóczy Gimnáziuma13 Mar. 2019 17:411.391
Mateusz KapustaPolandSecondary Sch No 3, Wroclaw13 Mar. 2019 22:491.264
Oliver Lindström SwedenMinervagymnasium18 Mar. 2019 13:351.21
Morteza MudrickIndonesiaSMA Negeri 1 Surakarta20 Mar. 2019 12:091.1
Ivander J.M. WaskitoIndonesiaMawar Sharon Christian School20 Mar. 2019 13:590.95
Esha Manideep DinneIndia 24 Mar. 2019 15:571
Ayush AnandIndiaNeel Kamal Sethia 24 Mar. 2019 19:221
Kaviraj PrithviIndiaBase PU College25 Mar. 2019 03:240.9
Vinícius Ferreira Rodrigues BrazilColégio Master 01 Apr. 2019 13:540.9
Masuk RidwanBangladeshSt. Joseph Higher Secondary S.06 Apr. 2019 09:160.9
Stephen CatsamasAustraliaMarcellin College06 Apr. 2019 14:041
Dhyaan NayakIndiaNation. Inst. Of Open Schooling 07 Apr. 2019 12:360.81
Marvin JaniniBrazilColégio Etapa07 Apr. 2019 13:470.9
Jaeyong LeeKoreaDongsan High School08 Apr. 2019 16:371
S.Prajeeth IndiaMVM 11 Apr. 2019 15:351
Roberto Marín DelgadoCosta RicaColegio Científico San Carlos11 Apr. 2019 18:061
Janis HunsLatviaRiga State Gymnasium No.113 Apr. 2019 13:501
Ričards Kristers KnipšisLatviaRiga State Gymnasium No.113 Apr. 2019 22:371

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