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Pawel Sobocinski

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I am Professor of Trustworthy Software Technologies at TalTech. I lead the Laboratory for Compositional Systems and Methods. I am currently PI of the Estonian Research Council grant PRG1210, Automata in Learning, Interaction and Concurrency (ALICE). I take part in CHESS, the Cyber-security Excellence Hub in Estonia and South Moravia, funded by the European Commission. I am also a TalTech PI of EXAI, the Estonian Centre of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence, financed by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research.

My research can be understood as the study of how to connect open systems (of various kinds: programs, networks, computing devices, circuits, ...) in a way that the description of the connections--i.e. the language that we describe subsystems and how to compose them---is compatible with the behaviour of the system. Therefore, what can be observed of the global system is entirely derivable from the observations made of the component subsystems. This is because each composition operation in the language we use for describing systems gives rise to an analogous operation on the behaviours. This property is known as compositionality.

I focus on compositional modelling of systems, developing the underlying mathematics (usually category theory), and applying it to real-life problems such as verification. I work on graph transformation, Petri nets, process algebras, dynamical and cyberphysical systems, as well as mainstream concurrent programming. Some time ago I wrote the Graphical Linear Algebra blog about rediscovering linear algebra in a compositional way, with string diagrams.

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PhD students
2011-15Owen Stephens, Compositional Specification and Reachability Checking of Net Systems, ECS, University of Southampton, with Julian Rathke
2012-15Fabio Zanasi, Interacting Hopf Algebras: the Theory of Linear Systems, Ecole Normale Supérieure Lyon, with Filippo Bonchi
2016-20Jens Seeber, Logical Completeness for String Diagrams, IMT School for Advances Studies, Lucca, with Filippo Bonchi
2019-2023Mario Román, Monoidal Context Theory, TalTech
2019-2023Elena di Lavore, Monoidal Width, TalTech
2019-2024Chad Nester, Partial and Relational Algebraic Theories, TalTech
2019-Nathan Haydon, Peirce’s Existential Graphs and The Logic Of String Diagrams, TalTech
2020-Matt Earnshaw, TalTech
2020-Diana Kessler, TalTech, with Amar Hadzihasanovic
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