Teooriapäevad Jõulumäel / Theory Days at Jõulumäe: Ajakava / Programme

Reede, 3. oktoober 2008 / Friday, 3 October 2008

 saabumine / arrival
15.00-16.00lõunasöök / lunch
16.00-17.15 Rūsinš Freivalds Nonconstructive methods in finite automata
17.15-17.45paus / break
17.45-19.30 Helger Lipmaa Private branching programs: on communication-efficient cryptocomputing
Sven LaurMatrix games in cryptography
Aivo JürgensonComputing exact outcomes of multi-parameter attack trees
19.30-20.30õhtusöök / dinner
20.30-saun & diskussioon / sauna & discussion

Laupäev, 4. oktoober 2008 / Saturday, 4 October 2008

08.00-09.00hommikusöök / breakfast
09.00-10.45 Andris Ambainis Quantum random walks: a new method for designing quantum algorithms
Dmitrijs Kravčenko Quantum non-locality games
Juris Smotrovs MUBS and some other quantum designs
10.45-11.15paus / break
11.15-13.00 Linda Postniece Cut-elimination and proof-search for bi-intuitionistic logic using nested sequents
Tarmo Uustalu Explicit binds: effortless efficiency with and without forests
Martin Pettai General polymorphism with type-level primitive recursion and its implementation in Fumontrix
13.00-14.00lõunasöök / lunch
14.00-16.00aktiivne ajaviide / activities
16.00-17.15 Jānis Cīrulis Algebraic models of question answering systems
17.15-17.45paus / break
17.45-19.30 Kārlis Freivalds Robust image topological feature extraction
Pearu Peterson Scientific computations within Python: numerical and analytical tools
19.30-20.30õhtusöök / dinner
20.30-saun & diskussioon / sauna & discussion

Pühapäev, 5. oktoober 2008 / Sunday, 5 October 2008

08.00-09.00hommikusöök / breakfast
09.00-10.45 Varmo Vene Inductive cyclic sharing data structures
Rein Raudjärv Embedded typesafe domain-specific languages for Java
Liisi Haav Type systems for computationally secure information flow in Jif
10.45-11.15paus / break
11.15-13.00 Ilja Tšahhirov Application of dependency graphs to security protocol analysis
Peeter Laud Threshold homomorphic encryption in the universally composable cryptographic library
Margus NiitsooCan we construct unbounded time-stamping schemes from collision-free hash functions?
13.00-14.00lõunasöök / lunch
  ärasõit / departure
Liina Kamm
Peeter Laud
Helger Lipmaa
Tarmo Uustalu
Varmo Vene
Viimane uuendus 29.9.2008